Micro:bit Cat Car


  • 5 minutes

  • No soldering required

  • Programmable

Level of difficulty

Product Information and Manuals CAT CAR

The robot is programmable with Micro: bit. For students who already have some programming experience, for example with Scratch, this robot is a great next step.

There is a workbook available for student and teacher:
– Background info and a piece of robot history
– An overview of all parts / sensors on the robot
– Construction of the robot
– Programming exercises (simple to complex)
– Quick scans with interesting additional information

With the products of SchoolLab for the digital learning line, we focus in particular on the Computational Thinking pillar. All learning objectives in this pillar are addressed when you start programming the CAT CAR:
– Creative and logical thinking
– Collect and analyze data Algorithms and Procedures
– Structuring Problem decomposition
– Automation
– Simulation
– Collaborate

Technical specifications:
– Small super fast engines
– Indicators for the main tensions
– Indicators for battery charging
– Lots of freely usable indicators
– Micro: bit display
– Ultrasound sensor with which the robot can see if it is not bumping into something
– Infrared sensors with which the robot can follow a line Compass (via Micro: bit) so the robot knows exactly where north is
– Gyro sensors with which the robot can sense its tilt angle
– The Micro:bit accelerometer allows the robot to feel how fast it is moving
– The robot shows its condition and how it feels with various LED indicators
– The robot can be controlled with a remote control by means of infrared
– He can make sounds with his speaker

Length: 1060 mm
Width: 1180 mm
Height: 780 mm

Delivery scope:
The CAT CAR is supplied excluding the Micro: bit print, which is already present at the schools in many cases. This print is easy to attach to the basic print of the CAT CAR. For the teachers there is an introduction including lesson objectives and didactic and organizational tips for each exercise.

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