4WD Chassis

  • 60 minutes

  • No soldering required

  • Not programmable

Level of difficulty

You can build this chassis in about 60 minutes. You don’t have to solder yourself. The 4WD can be used as a basis for driving with Micro: bit.This “Wild Thumper” is a rugged all-terrain robotic platform specially developed for robot vehicle enthusiasts. The ideal platform for participating in competitions in the field of rescue robots, demining robots and firefighting robots.For easy mounting of printed circuit boards, sensors and other hardware, this platform has a superstructure with 4 mm holes at a distance of 10 mm. The unique “super twist” suspension is designed in such a way that maximum drive power keeps all wheels in contact with the ground.The traction can be adjusted to optimize the drive for different loads and surfaces. The four powerful motors and steel gears make chop of any terrain and slope. Between the wheels is a box for storing up to 2 x 7.2 V sub-C battery packs that are normally also used for model vehicles.The suspension consists of simple, robust torsion springs with rubber suspension to provide a sturdy yet flexible connection. Various mounting points are available so that you can adjust the spring force and travel yourself. The transmissions consist of robust steel gears with wear-resistant brass bearing bushes.

  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum housing
  • Adjustable “super twist” suspension
  • Large rubber wheels with studs for extra grip
  • 4 powerful steel geared motors with quadrature encoder

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