Our Products

Through our broad worldwide network, we met our current partner in China and set up the AREXX Intelligence Centre together. The main purpose of this company is competitive Research & Development and manufacturing activities. Chinese Engineers, educated at the best China Universities, doing their R&D job in close cooperation with and under supervision of our European engineers.

The SchoolLab educational kits fit best into the European educational market, better than those fully developed in Asia which are generally developed for an “Asian mind”. The AREXX Intelligence Centre is the perfect combination of European R&D and feeling with the market and Asian knowledge and efficiency of production.

A continuous learning line from primary school to HBO: – Simple to complex – Programming for beginners and advanced – Boys and girls – Great workbooks

Developed in the Netherlands – By education for education – Homegrown technology – Short lines – Thorough service and guidance – Well … and then there are also a number of very nice building kits in development. This is really something different, this is real technology. Pupils are introduced to all facets of it.


SchoolLab, join the positive vibe!

There is an enormous enthusiasm and drive in the AREXX offices in Zwolle to develop the best educational products for our educational system. Students of one of the Netherlands’ top-3 universities of applied sciences do their internship and/or graduate at AREXX Engineering. This always results in a beautyful new product or an improvement of an existing product. A win-win situation.

This way the SchoolLab products are best prepared for the Western school system, also because the products are made in cooperation with Dutch educational experts, f.e. students and teachers.