About SchoolLab

SchoolLab is a series of educational and popular series of electronics and robot building kits for education and business use, eg for promotional purposes :

  • Fun projects for primary education
  • Challenging projects for advanced technology education
  • And everything in between, different projects for different school levels

Our Mission

To train scientific minds! The next technological revolution will be a robot revolution. That is why it is extremely important to include robotics in the technological education of our children as early as possible.

Our Vision

Only when children get acquainted with nowadays technological developments and are starting to understand it by doing simple technology projects on elementary school already, step-by-step they will get interested to start a technical study when they are a little older.

Working together

AREXX Engineering contributes every day to stimulate enthusiasm among young people for technology. We are present at various events that are organized for schools in this area. The cooperation between Education and the Business world is of great importance in this.

To adapt the SchoolLab series to the Western educational systems, there is a continuous development of new products and improvement of existing products. These activities either take place or are coordinated from The Netherlands by AREXX Engineering.

AREXX Engineering was founded in 1993 in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Over the years, the activities of our company gradually changed from importing tools for electronic hobby to developing educational products.

Already many years ago, AREXX was the first company to introduce educational robots (MOVIT robots) to Europe, importing them from Japan. In Japan, these robots were broadly used for school projects.

Although in The Netherlands these robots sold well as toys, we noticed that these Far East products did not match the European educational systems. Because we wanted to focus on our educational home market, we decided to develop our own range of products that do comply with the requirements for educational purposes in the Western world. AREXX also developes custom made projects and has other partnerships:

  • We have a cooperation with DLR (the German Centre of Aviation and Aerspace Technology). AREXX produces the ASURO Robot which was developed by DLRfor educational use.
  • With Conrad Electronic in Germany, we developed the RP6 programmable robot

Pupils and students are enthusiastic about Schoollab!

The most varied series of (programmable) electronics and robotics construction kits for technology education. Developed in close cooperation with educational experts and technology students. Native technology and therefore best suited to our educational system. Playful, educational kits for the upper years of primary school and more advanced kits for secondary education and higher vocational education.